Hello, my name is Keidrick Henton. I’m a “do it yourself” investor. My interest in the stock market and it’s variety of investment products began in 1996-97, my senior year in high school when I first read financial magazines such as Black Enterprise, Fortune and Money. This journey of mine has been fulfilled with many peaks, valleys and procrastination regarding my commitment to becoming a better investor. However, Invest2day.net will launch my web presence and offer insight to individuals looking to take control of their own financial future by providing content for investment products and services being offered to financial consumers. I will utilize a variety of credible sources to substantiate my recommendations for investment products such as stocks, ETF’s, and mutual funds. Personally, I prefer to invest with companies that offer consistent and steady dividend growth.

Disclaimer: Please consult with a certified financial planner regarding any of my investment recommendations prior to investing your hard earned dollars.

Let’s invest today! And remember, you can “do it yourself”.